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ICOpro General Meeting 2014 in Greece

From 2 to 18 October 2014, the ICOpro Team will meet in Greece. The 2014 General Meeting will be hosted and organized by Mountain Escapes

During this meeting, various shadowings will also be organized in order to upgrade the ICOpro Trainers on the new teaching concept for the trainings scheduled in 2015.

The shadowings are paramount in the ICOpro Trainers’ program (starting at the level “Instructor Level 3”).

The whole ICOpro Team will be present...

Modification of ICOpro Training structure

 MODIFICATION  of ICOpro training structure

Due to growing demand for Photographer and videographer, ICOpro has somewhat modified its training structure in order to differentiate PRO Technicians from  PRO Canyoneer Photographer. 

As a result, CAPH (canyoneer photographer) and CAVI ( canyoneer photographer) training is now  join in only 1 training course and Become a  PRO course.

Additionally, TRPH/VI ( trainer phtographer and videographer) and TMPH/VI ( training...