Test Center Advantages

ICOpro affiliated test centers get advantage of the highest reputation among all ICOpro centers.

All test centers keep close ties with the ICOpro organization.

To comply with the ICOpro standards, all new courses or complementary courses, all up to date techniques or new equipment must be tested and validated through ICOpro centers.

Other centers and participants are able to take advantage of the best training and up to date equipment because the test centers are always moving forward.

As a manager of an ICOpro test center, you must always be aware of the high responsibility involved in canyoning, and strive for the development of the activity abroad.

The test centers receive better marketing support through ICOpro. They have an excellent reputation and have a different logo from the one used for the affiliated centers. This logo is proof of expertise of ICOpro affiliated centers and is another guarantee towards a wide-public awareness.

Minimum affiliation duration required for the test centers: 3 years (1 year for the basic centers). A discount will be applied on the affiliation tariff. No competition within their region of practise.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email to receive our test center information brochure: 

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