Details of the Non-Professional Programme

ICOpro non-professional training courses are where to begin your personal canyoning practice, they will help you gain autonomy/independence in canyons.

Through a safe and responsible practice, you will be able to enjoy canyons at your own leisure.

To practise in an ICOpro center, the Canyoneer Initiation course is compulsory. You are given this short course during your first canyoning descent, afterwards you will feel more confident.

At the end of the initiation tour/course, you will become ICOpro certified thanks to the ICOpro label, a label of quality and international reputation and then, you will be given the « Canyoneer Card ». You will be ready to travel and explore canyons overseas.

Following your initiation, you will have the opportunity to continue your training in order to become more and more autonomous, eventually becoming a Canyoneer Level 3.

For the members who are certified Canyoneer level 3, they will have the possibility to rent safety equipment in our ICOpro centers and practice canyoning overseas.

Should you wish to be accompanied by an ICOpro Instructor, your Canyoneer card will help them to choose the canyon according to your level.

You will be able take specialized courses such as « ICE Canyon » course or « Canyoneer Photographer-Videographer » course. And with enough passion, you will probably aim to becomw a professional…

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