ICOpro Affiliation Advantages


ICOpro is considered as a model for international organization of canyoning practice. ICOpro is the only structure to offer professional and educational training courses that will allow the instructors to train according to the ICOpro standard.

The permanent control of our instructors, assistants and centers ensures high-quality of canyoning training courses and tours, whatever the ICOpro center you choose.

By subscribing to ICOpro, you join the large international community of canyoning. Once you are certified with the « Canyoneer Card », you will be acknowledged by the other affiliated international centers and by the independent affiliated instructors (IAI).

You take advantages of discounted rates on the products of the ICOpro partners’. You will receive the latest canyoning international news and will get access to the forum.

You can also take advantage of our international insurance dedicated to the non-professionals who practise canyoning.

You will be assured to practice with thorough technical and theory skills.

If your project is to develop professional canyoning activities, open a center or be an independent instructor, our ICOpro Pro Dev (Project Development) will help you to bring your project to completion.

Learn and work with ICOpro! Be assured of a successful canyoning career, supported by our staff, all experts in their fields.

For any information needed, contact us: Contact ICOpro Support

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