New Canyoneers training Center in Indonesia - Lombok

Canyoning Lombok is the new and the second ICOpro Canyoneers Training Centrer (CTC) in Indonesia, based in Lombok. Supii and Basheer, the owners, are excited about the opportunities to expand the canyoning world and offer their customers qualitative canyoning trips and adventures, and ending with the training programs and packages in the leadership, creativity and team building.




Canyoning Lombok is run by Supii Liem (ICOpro Trainer), Basheer Abdeen  (ICOpro Instructor lvl.1) and Abraham Firmansyah (ICOpro Canyoneer Lvl.3), who are passionate about sharing the ICOpro philosophy and developing canyoning in Asia. Lombok is fantastic location for canyoning offering full day and half day trips in the best canyoning venues around Gumantar village area in the north side of Lombok.