ICE Canyon

Still not yet knowing in  outdoor  and  mountains environment,  ICE Canyoning still seen as a marginal activity. But more and more practitioners come out in the winter in the Canyons , rSome meeting popping up everywhere in France but also in Europe ... .


Read the Analysis form our HTM and ICOpro co-fonder Laurent Poublan. 



3 New ICOpro EXAminers

Congratulation to 3 new ICOpro EXAminers Instructor level 3


Andrew Humphreys from USA  https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/884 Supii Liem From Indonesia  https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/15 Stephane Degouge from France  https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/763


Theses New EXA are authorized to teach the Canyoneer level 1-2-3 8 days Training course and validate to the ICOpro Standard.


Welcome to ICOpro EXA Familly...

ICOpro Team.



3 new ICOpro canyoneers Level 3

Welcome to 3 new ICOpro Canyoneer level 3.

Petrou Ilias from Greece: https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/3849

Vadim Bashov from Israel: https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/3766

Glants Alex from Israel: https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/2603


Validate by Apokremiotios Anastasios Instructor Level3 : https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/293

Training course organizing by: Mountain Escapes: https://www.icopro.org/center/profile/id/317



Congratulation to 6 new Assistant Instructors

Congratulation to 6 new ICOpro Assistant Instructors:

Franck Cherau from France: https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/101 Damien Ngo-Sieu-Hong from France: https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/716 Guay Quentin from France: https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/1833 Olivier Gilabert from France: https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/719 Pistre Thomas form France: https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/747 Jeremy Nicolau from...

NEW Affiliation Test Center in Madeira

WELCOME to VENTURA NATURE EMOTIONS, New ICOpro affiliated canyoning Test center, Based in Madeira island - Portugal  

Since 2005 Ventura nature emotions been organising amazing canyoning activities, climbing and trekking experiences on the fabulous mountains of Madeira Islands and on the Laurissilva Forest, which has been classified by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site.  More info here.


ICOpro General Meeting 2014 in Greece

From 2 to 18 October 2014, the ICOpro Team will meet in Greece. The 2014 General Meeting will be hosted and organized by Mountain Escapes http://www.mountainescapes.gr/

During this meeting, various shadowings will also be organized in order to upgrade the ICOpro Trainers on the new teaching concept for the trainings scheduled in 2015.

The shadowings are paramount in the ICOpro Trainers’ program (starting at the level “Instructor Level 3”).

The whole ICOpro Team will be present...

Modification of ICOpro Training structure

 MODIFICATION  of ICOpro training structure

Due to growing demand for Photographer and videographer, ICOpro has somewhat modified its training structure in order to differentiate PRO Technicians from  PRO Canyoneer Photographer. 

As a result, CAPH (canyoneer photographer) and CAVI ( canyoneer photographer) training is now  join in only 1 training course and Become a  PRO course.

Additionally, TRPH/VI ( trainer phtographer and videographer) and TMPH/VI ( training...

New collaboration with Aventure Verticale


After Etché -  Vade Retro - Korda's we welcome to: AVENTURE VERTICALE who become a new ICOpro partner's.


Specialist in Canyoning harness and Bag

Aventure Verticale, it is ...

A name and a logo in relation to the vertical height

All the activities for which Aventure Verticale (or AV)manufactures equipment are linked with the notion ofadventure: discovery, exploration, and the opportunityto meet and overcome personal limits and challenges.For AV, adventure is...

NEW affiliated center in Greece

WELCOME to Baseline Outdoor Activities, New ICOpro affiliated canyoning center in Greece. Based in the city of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. The canyoning takes place in the beautifull canyons of legendary mt. Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece! More info here.

New collaboration with Vade Retro

New collaboration with Vade Retro

ICOpro always cares about economic aspect of its affiliated centers and instructors.


With regard to our high professional vision, the financial health of our professional centers and the longterm collaboration with our members remains a constant priority.


Therefore, ICOpro has designed a unique pre-order system, “IO” – ICOpro Order, well-known by all our professional members and that enables everyone to get advantage of the lowest...

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