NEW and FREE ICOpro software for PPE inspection

New and free ICOpro software for PPE inspection is now available online from Canyoneer Lvl 3! 

connect with your login - My ICOpro - PPE


As a smart software that fits every Windows or Mac version, no downloading or updating required so far.


Data recording by PPE, lot and alert messages on you personal ICOpro account, available from any computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Software details:


Be PRO, be reponsible, be ICOpro!

PRODEV Subvention for IVS-ICTC/IN1&IN2 In Bali on May 2014

PRODEV Subvention for IVS-ICTC/IN1&IN2 In Bali on May 2014

We have received lots of IVS/IN1 and IN2 request as well as ICTC/IN1 (for those who are already ICOpro Assistant), giving the permission to have an equivalency to the ICOpro standard and preventing from validating the courses that fits each level. 

The whole ICOpro staff were gathered at an Extraordinary General Assembly and made the decision to run an IVS at the parent center in Bali (ICOpro Head office) from 12 to 31 May for...

Black Iris Adventures NEW Test Center in Jordan

Welcome to BLACK IRIS ADVENTURES  New ICOpro test center in Jordan. https://www.icopro.org/center/profile/id/1417

all ICOpro training course will be available and authorized in this center.

ICOpro team

ICOpro Team Explore new Canyon in France

"Luquenac Canyon" in Ariege' mountains (V3.A3.II)

"At last July 2013, Rod Sturm (HTM) and Adrien Paris (AIN) from the ICOpro Test center "Speleo-

Canyon-Ariege",  explored and opened a new little canyon.

Several small slides in a perfect water flow lead to the entrance of the gorge, then the "abyss" is revealed  : "amazing" ! A beautiful waterfall of tufa (25 meters height), with iron oxide and calcite flows, the colors blending in infinity : green, red, white, black...

Some nice...

OUTDOOR WAY: New ICOpro center

Welcome to OUTDOORWAY New ICOpro test center in Greece. https://www.icopro.org/center/profile/id/1025

all ICOpro training c ourse will be available in this center.

ICOpro team

Our C.E.O Europe with "Source"

Follow the water! Canyoning with SOURCE

Follow the water! That’s what Canyoning is about. Adventurous fun in a unique environment – where you can put your SOURCE Hydration and SOURCE Sandals to great use. We sponsor French Canyoning-professional Laurent Poublan with SOURCE products for his Canyoning tours. Here’s the story.

Canyoning takes you, where floats, rafts and canoes can’t pass. In gorges, canyons, narrow ravines with sculpted walls, steep drops and...

New Instructor level 1

Welcome to Supii Liem New ICOpro Instructor level 1 from Indonesia https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/15.

ICOpro East Europe Development

We are pleased to welcome our new DCMiddle East Europe ICOpro Developer & Coordinator 

Pawel Bartnik, Krakow University of Economics graduated and keen on extreme sports: diving, canyoning, rafting, surfing, skiing, snowboarding.

ICOpro qualified canyoneer https://www.icopro.org/profile/public/id/425.

He is a PADI Instructor as well as Scuba Master in 6 specializations. He is the CEO of a multisport activities travel agency in Bali http://www.indo-explorer.com

Over the past...

New ICOpro Center in France

 Welcome to a new center


Trainers Training center

in France


ICOpro Members Stats

ICOpro Growing each day.. actually 722 members who received an ICOpro Training to 45 country by our Centers, trainers and Head Training Master. Big thks to all our affiliated members - our centers and partners who support us every day. If you want to be a canyon Instructor and teach in return to our standard and get the benefit to our UNIQUE SHARING PROFIT... Only 1 WAY: support@icopro.org

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