ICTC CA 1-2-3 in Montenegro by ADRIATREK

Montenegro has just experienced ICOpro program. Courses gained fully support from Adriatrek,  9 new Canyoneers LvL 3 have been certified by Gregoire Marzio, ICOpro Senior Trainer.

ICOpro thanks Adriatrek for having ensured the 2 ICTC CA 123 logistics and organization.

First training courses resulting in certifications, canyoning training is now available in this country where many things have to be developed.

ICTC CA123 & IN3 in Greece done

After the first test center opening in Greece, Mountain Escape have organized together the first Canyoneer LvL 1-2-3 and Instructor trainings. Very active on the region, Mountain Escape is being developed profesional and sustainable canyoning activities over Greece.

Total, 4 new Canyoneers LvL 3 and 2 Instructors level 3.

Mountain Escape center is now independent and can conduct, train and validate Canyoneer LvL 1-2-3 to the ICOpro standards on its own.

First training scheduled:

We thank...

ICTC CA lv1-2-3 in Colombia

Many thanks to the Colombian Canyon team who organized 2  ICTC CA LvL 1-2-3 (International Canyoning Training Courses) that were held beginning of October in Bogota. In total, 11 new ICOpro affiliated canyoneers LvL 3. A new training is scheduled at the beginning of 2013  - Start of a sustainable, responsible and professional development of the canyoning activities in Colombia and long-term collaboration with ICOpro.

Co Founder : Mika Denissot, Laurent Poublan and Nathalie Bayada.

NEW Test Center in Quebec

Welcome to ESKAMER AVENTURE New ICOpro Test Center In Quebec for information and training courses : www.escamer.ca

ICOpro ICTC in Colombia

Now, Colombia works jointly with ICOpro. "Colombian Canyons" members who organized CA lvl 1-2-3 did a remarkable work. Actually, 24 candidates, all coming from Bogota and Medelin, will take part to the training course that will be held in October 2012. They took advantage of PRODEV support, added to a local financial aid. Start of a strong collaboration for the canyoning development.


ICOpro Members

ICOpro keeps growing; indeed, at the present time 169 certified worldwide members have joined us. We are pleased to welcome new members from Canada, India and Poland.


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