Consumer protection

The ICOpro organization's commitment to providing Canyoneers with consistent, first-rate Canyoning training has made the ICOpro label synonymous with quality canyoneer education. 

This quality program is representated in every ICOpro member and affiliated center.

This quality program preserves the high level of customer satisfaction achieved by ICOpro affiliated centers, independent affiliated instructors and Individual ICOpro members.

The primary objective is to ensure that all ICOpro members understand the importance of using ICOpro's educational system and following the ICOpro standard.

Following ICOpro's standards enhances the security of the participants, ensuring the satisfaction of the trainees, and thus complying with our standards.

Suspended or expelled ICOpro members

ICOpro Canyoning affiliated centers and Individual professional members must be in good standing and authorized to conducts ICOpro courses and programs.

As security, quality and trainee's satisfaction are our priority. The following lists ICOpro afiliated center, and Individual members suspended or expelled from the organization.

Expulsion or suspension, results when ICOpro Member refuses to implement corective measures, or when the nature of the complaint is so severe that expulsion is necessary to protect the public or to preserve the reputation of the ICOpro organization.

During  suspension or  expulsion, Individual members, affiliated or related center, can't represent themselves as ICOpro members or conduct ICOpro courses.

In the following list, Expelled Member or warning related center will be in red color, and suspended member in Orange color

If you have any question regarding an individual or Centers lister, please contact the service quality.


Individual members

Last name First name ICOpro ID Last ICOpro Lvl City Country Status Date





Affiliated centers

Center name ICOpro ID City Country Status Date
Outdoorway 13006 Athens Greece Suspended 31 august 2015


Related centers or organization

Center name Related with expelled ICOpro members City Country Status

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