International Canyoning Training Course for professionals:  

Instructor Level 1 ICTC/IN1

Are you willing to:

Undertake canyoning intensive training?

Receive unique teaching experience in pedagogy and psychology fields?

Become a teacher, train and work around the world for different canyoning centers?

Start your own business, be independent, open a center or get efficient competencies for professional canyoning activities?

Instructor 1 training course is very successful; as an ICOpro Instructor, you will access to high certification within our Organization.

The centers always seek for ICOpro Instructors to work jointly and manage their centers.

To choose an appropriate date for IN1 courses, please contact one of our ICOpro centers or check on the online Training course schedule or send an email to ICOpro support:

You will be trained by an ICOpro Examiner (Trainer level minimum) and will get certified at the end of the course thanks to the Instructor Card.




A couple of months after you got certified, you will receive by mail your professional card including a one-year free licence and offered products: Canyoneer Cards, « ICOpro Instructor » tee-shirt, cap and your certificate.

14 days:

  • Pre-training course e-learning:    4 days
  • Instructor Lvl1 Training course:   10 days


  • Have validated AIN or have attended ICOpro IVS
  • Have a minimum of a 3-month work experience as an Assistant Instructor in a canyoning center or with an IAI (mandatory employer's certificate).
  • Have completed IN1 e-learning pre-training course.
  • Be in good mental and physical condition.
  • Swimming: 100m and running: 1km
  • Medical certificate issued less than three months prior to the training course, testifying that the trainee is physically and mentally fit for canyoning activities.
  • Have a valid first-aid certificate issued less than twelve months prior to the training course.
  • Pass successfully the « ICOpro IN1 test of conversion » on double rope free method in a time less than or equal to 1,5 TIME THE EXA TIME High 5m, knot in a middle of the rope
    Ascent → Passing a knot → Conversion → Descent → Passing a knot. Or
    Descent → Passing a knot → Conversion → Ascent → Passing a knot
    !!! The candidate will not attend the training if the test is not successful and no refunds will be given.
  • Pass successfully the « ICOpro IN1 Resque Scenario Test » Unhook a victim conscious from below to below  1,5 TIME EXA TIME.
    The candidate will not attend the training if the test is not successful and no refunds will be given


Have all the required skills to teach an ICOpro Canyoneer Initiation. Master the management and progression techniques into a canyon as well as the rope techniques to manage securely and smoothly a groop. Manage the equipment stock and become a Head Manager of an ICOpro Affiliated Center (HMI).


The training consists in 5 technical and theoretical teaching modules, including analyzing exercice and evaluation (P.A.R.), aptitude memory exercise (Feedback) that will be carried-out during the training and 4 Clinic Days of revision and regulation.

  • Module 1 : ICOproProcedures - General knowledge
  • Module 2 : White water - Assistance
  • Module 3 : Set-up - Rescue
  • Module 4 : ICOpro Psychology - Pedagogy
  • Module 5 : End of the ICTC AIN


  • Regulation 1-2-3: ICTC/CAI


  • Entry technical test 1:     IN1 test of converstion
  • Entry technical test 2:     IN1 Rescue Scenarion
  • Theory test 1:                    AIN Assistance Lvl2: 10 questions
  • Theory test 2:                    IN1 General: 100 questions
  • Final Pedagogigal test:   ICTC/CAI
  • Final technical test 1:      IN1's Itinerary rope
  • Final technical test 2:      Rescue Scenario: Direct rope cutting from the top


Module 1: ICOpro Procedures - General Knowlegde (1day)

Day 1: Classroom session

1A.    ICTC/IN1

  1. Entry tests
  2. Content
  3. Daily Program
  4. Evaluation

1B.    ICOpro

  1. E-learning: ICOpro proffesional framework Lvl2
  2. E-learning: ICOpro IAI & CTR Lvl2
  3. E-learning: ICOpro Quality Control
  4. E-learning: IN1 definition and duties
  5. E-learning: IN1 ICOpro standards
  6. E-learning: IN1 licence and affiliation
  7. E-learning: CAI participant record Lvl2
  8. Feedback AIN: ICOpro Proffesional Charter
  9. E-learning: ICOpro Instructor Lvl 1&2 web portal
  10. E-learning: CAI card and training credit
  11. E-learning: CAI Validation

 1C.   Business and enterprise Lvl1

  1. E-learning: The provisional budgets Lvl1
  2. E-learning: Administration and accounting Lvl1
  3. Management Lvl1
  4. Marketing Lvl1

1D.    Canyoning equipment

  1. E-learning: ICOpro PPE verification Lvl3
  2. Feedback AIN: Pro optimisation packing

1E.    Geology Lvl2

  1. E-learning: Advanced geology

 1F.   Physiology

  1. E-learning: Advanced of sport physiology
  2. Feedback AIN: Stretching theory and practice

 1G.   Communication Lvl2 

  1. Evaluation end of day 1
  2. Check monitoring program of day 1


Module 2: White water – Assistance (1 day)

 Day 2: Canyon or River session

2A.   Physiology

  1. Breathing
  2. Stretching

2B.  Free-diving Lvl3

  1. Feedback AIN: Advanced complete breathing
  2. E-learning: Square Breathing
  3. Advanced static apnea
  4. Advanced dynamic apnea
  5. Duck diving up to 5-7m
  6. Feedback AIN: Advanced black out knowlegde

2C.  Assistance Lvl3

  1. Feedback AIN: Swim with participant into white water
  2. Throwing white water rescue rope
  3. Feedback AIN: All recovery positions
  4. Feedback CA2: Rescue alert

2D.  White water Lvl4

  1. Progression in white water with CAI (max a5)

2E.  Feedbackl, test and monitoring

  1. Theory test 1 AIN: Assistance Lvl2
  2. Evaluation end of day 2
  3. Self-assesment day 1&2
  4. Check monitoring program of day 2


Module 3: Set-Up - Rescue (1 day)

 Day 3: Cliff or Training wall session

3A.  Physiology

  1. Running
  2. Breathing
  3. Stretching

3B.  Set-up: ICOpro Proffesional philosophy Lvl2

  1. Feedback AIN: Rope optimization understanding
  2. Feedback AIN: Set-up optimization
         a. Fixed
         b. Releasable
  3. The best position at the start of workshop

3C.  Achor Lvl3 

  1. E-learning: Set-ip artificial anchor

3D.  Set-up: verticals Lvl3  

  1. P.A.R: Release a double rope
  2. P.A.R: Releasable system on double rope with independent line
3E.  Set-up: guided rappel Lvl3
  1.  P.A.R: Fixed system from the top

3F.  Improvised technique Lvl2

  1. Descent on tided rope

3G.  Rescue scenario Lvl3

  1. Free a victim on hand line Lvl1
  2. P.A.R: Transporting a victim of guided line 
        a. From top to below
        b. From below to top
  3. P.A.R: Unhook a victim with balancier from the top to below
        a. Conscious
        b. Unconscious
  4. P.A.R: Balancier on long cowstail on fixed rope
  5. Direct rope cutting from the top
3H.  Feedback, test and monitoring
  1. Evaluation end of day 3
  2. Check monitoring program of day 3 


Module 4: ICOro Psychology - Pedagogy – Theoretical test

  Day 4-5: Classroom session

4A.  Psychology Lvl2

  1. Feedback AIN: The 5 fundamental needs (advance)
  2. Feedback AIN: The mental and new environment (advance)
  3. Feedback AIN: CAI fear and stress (advance)
  4. The IN Level of stress
  5. Feedback AIN: The Mirror effect (advance)
  6. Feedback AIN: The Rosenthal effect
  7. Feedback AIN: The privacy area
  8. Satisfaction of CAI
4B.  Pedagogy Lvl2
  1. Behaving as a Professional Instructor
  2. Feedback AIN: CAI's equipment
  3. Working together with an assistant and Photographer
  4. ICOpro teaching standard Lvl1
  5. Feedback AIN: Autonomy of CAI (advance)
  6. Proficient Analytical Resources® (P.A.R) Lvl2
  7. ICTC/CAI study

4C. Theory test 2 IN1 general

         Written test: 100 multiple choice questions about the Instructor's curriculum.
       80% postive answer of the 100 questions needed to pass theory test (maximum mistakes authorized: 20).
       Test duration: 100 min.

4D. Feedback, test and monitoring

  1. Evaluation end of day 4-5
  2. Self-assessment day 3-4-5
  3. Check monitoring program of day 4-5


Clinic 1-2-3 : ICTC/CAI(3 days)

Day 6-7-8 Canyon session


  1. Stretching

Clinic objectives

  1. Regulate the skills of the candidate
  2. Adjust the candidate during a Canyoneer Initation training

Description of the regulation

  1. During 3 days, the future Instructor will teach and supervise the ICTC/CAI, composed of real CAI
  2. He/ she will demonstrate his/her capacity for:
         a. Managing the participants
         b. Ensuring a second verification of the equipment without alarming the participants
         c. Knowing how to physically stand and mentally behave depending on the obstacles to cross
         d. Providing clear and easy instructions to his/her Assistant
         e. Conveying secure and technical instructions adapted to each situation
         f. Conveying clear security instructions in case of emergency without alarming the participants
         g. Being in charge of a group in case of accident (if necessary)
         h. Demonstrating (or intergrating) every basic point of the pedagogy and psychology that have been   taughttaught before

           As an Instuctor, he/she will demonstrate his0her quick wit and situation analyze (P.A.R)


  1. Regulation of eah clinic 
  2. Self assessment day 6-7-8


Pedagogical test 1 « TEACHING TEST» 

Day 9 Canyon session

Objective: Asses the future Instructor about his/her capacites for preparin and runnig and ICTC/CAI (Canyoneer Initiation training course).

Conditions of the evaluation: the future Instructor will be in the position of a teacher of ICTC/CAI, he/she will have to demonstrate his/her technical, pedagogical and psychological skills by preparing, communicating and running CAI training. The candidate shall match with the ICOpro teaching strandards required for and ICTC/CAI.

Skills that must be acquired: the future instructor will have to teach CAI according to the below description:

  • Prepare his/her course plan
  • Organize the descent
  • Provide his/her Assistant with clear Instructions
  • Teach, supervise and validate the CAI
  • Master the art of presentation and communication in front of the trainees
  • Teach according to the ICOpro standard


Technical Test 1:IN1’s Rope Itinerary (0.5day)

Day 10: Cliff, Canyon or Training wall session

Every technical must be, by default, executed on double rope.

 The ropes used for the tests must have a diameter between 9 and 10mm.


  • Perform the « IN!’s rope itinerary » within a time equal or inferior to 1.5times than that ofthe examiner’s time.

          - Ascending
          - Passing a belay
          - Progressing on hand-line, full void
          - Rappellingin loop figure, then ascending on the other side
          - Passing a knot while descending
          - Passing a rebelay
          - Passing a deviation
          - Conversion – change of rope
          - Descendingon a tide rope
          - Ascending on a guide
          - Rappelling with improvised technique


Technical Test 2: Rescue Scenario: Direct rope cutting from the top

 Day 10: Cliff, Canyon or Training wall session


The ropes used for the tests must have a diameter between 9 and 10mm.

  • The workshop:
  • Baseline

Module 5:Closing of the ICTC IN1

5A.  Validation

  1. Test results
  2. Personal feedback and shadowing
  3. Validation of participant
  4. General feedback

5B.  ICOpro Next step

  1. Presentation of ICTC IN2
  2. Advantage to be IN2


We wish you a pleasant training course!


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